Welcome to Casa Sosa Spanish School in Quetzaltenango Guatemala

Our Spanish language learning strategies are state of the art, and have successfully prepared hundreds of volunteers and students for development work. We can do the same for you given all of our knowledge about the Spanish language.

We believe in the idea of "re-union" as well. We require our Spanish teachers to meet periodically in order to refresh their Spanish

Our Classes

Knowledge of key grammatical structures and Spanish teaching methodology.

The basis for some of these "reunions" is the material presented in ¿Qué Onda Vos? / What's Up Dude?, Puro Subjuntivo / Pure Subjunctive and Español en Latinoamerica

Our focus is intensive and individualized instruction. This ensures that you receive the attention and practice required to truly learn Spanish.

Everybody will learn Spanish with Casa Sosa !

Flexibility is our strength. We can accommodate the beginning student who has no experience speaking Spanish language, as well as the more advanced speaker who seeks mastery and a better Spanish immersion.

Everybody will learn Spanish with Us!

We offer effective Spanish study plans for those who desire them, while we also allow students to design their own Spanish language programs. Typically, half of a Spanish lesson time is devoted to Spanish vocabulary building and intensive Spanish grammar review and the other half to activities in Quetzaltenango Guatemala and surrounding areas geared towards the application of newly learned material.

Regardless of your Spanish language level, your teacher will tailor the program to meet your specific needs and/or interests.

Get more from your Language Skills!

Students at Casa Sosa Spanish School, who are in Quetzaltenango Guatemala for an extended period of time can obtain positions as assistants or as English teachers in local schools. Those in Quetzaltenango Guatemala for a shorter time can visit hospital patients, spend time with Assistants or as English teachers in local schools. People in local rest homes, or play with children in nearby orphanages and public schools, always while practicing the Spanish language.

Its colonial building is set in a beautiful and relaxing garden. Quetzaltenango.

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