Gastronomy of Guatemala

Gastronomic which are prepared by their very nature (the typical snacks like tacos hard or soft, toast, etc...)

Guatemala has a large share of soups, broths, meats, refried beans, casseroles, stews, juices, errands, dissected, preserved, porridges, boiled, sweet and sour dishes, Your prescriptions vary by complexity in the preparation and availability ingredients. Here are some of the typical dishes of Guatemala and links to some recipes.

Special Plates

The Government of Guatemala, on November 7, 2007 declared Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Nation five typical dishes. The first creations of culinary arts to be part of the cultural heritage of the country. Are these dishes, a fusion of pre-Columbian cuisine with ingredients from Hispano-Arabic origin:

  • The Jocom
  • The Pepian
  • The Kaq'ik
  • Bananas in mole
  • Beans Chicharrón

Three of these delicacies, dating back more than four centuries ago and are a fusion of ingredients from the pre-Columbian Guatemala with Spanish products and Arabs brought to the land by the Spanish conquerors. These dishes prepared broths and sauces flavored with spices, herbs and vegetables, and accompanied by meat, chicken Jocón in the case of turkey in Kaq 'ik, and chicken in Pepián. These dishes were created during the sixteenth century in the kitchens of the leading families of the kingdom of Guatemala and convents, all of peninsular Spaniards or Creoles. However, el Kaq'ik is a meal of indigenous origin and preparation now, still not many variations of the original. Meals were great ceremonies that followed, where the wealthiest families of the people involved.

  • The Jocón is a green chicken beef broth with potatoes and a vegetable called chayote (Sites Chayote) color is due to using miltomate (in Mexico "Tomatillo") a variety of tomato that is green and slightly acid and having a casing or shell dried mature and must be removed for use.
  • The plant is Pepián, spices and meats
  • Bananas in mole prepared with chocolate, sesame and cinnamon
  • The Kaq'ik is an Indian dish of spices, vegetables and turkey.
  • Beans with pork skin is a mixture of beans with pork rind and seasoned with different spices and typically eaten with boiled rice and omelette.