• Culture, Customs and Social Reality

    looking for inmersion?

    In addition, five hours of intensive language instruction one-on-one, students learn about Guatemalan culture, customs, history and social reality through daily activities including social, political and cultural conferences. Our extensive contacts with different organizations and people who allow the school...

  • Gastronomy of Guatemala

    Gastronomic which are prepared by their very nature ( the typical snacks like tacos (hard or soft, toast, etc...)

    Guatemala has a large share of soups, broths, meats, refried beans, casseroles, stews, juices, errands, dissected, preserved, porridges, boiled, sweet and sour dishes.

  • Activities?

    We believe that the best way to improve your Spanish is to get involved in activities outside your classes. This is also a great way to get to know the country, and you can take part in as little or as much as you like.